There were little rail lines in the area as early as , but the main railroad from Havana did not arrive until Like most Cuban cities, Santiago never had an animal-drawn street railway. Tram service from Vista Alegre to the electric plant “Planta” was inaugurated on either 12 January or 8 February [see map ]. One of the cars was a convertible named “Mayo” [Lloyd, p. CES began building its own trams in and operated a fleet of 30 by Santiago-built 22 posed after an overhaul [col.

Santiago de Chile

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Estrada Palma tried to retain power in the and elections, which were contested by the Liberals, leading to rebellion and a second U. Afro-Cubans, led by Evaristo Estenoz and Pedro Ivonet, organized to secure better jobs and more political patronage. In government troops put down large demonstrations in Oriente province. Machado was one of the more notorious presidents, holding power through manipulation, troops, and assassins.

Batista, however, was cut from the same mold as Machado. Batista revoltNewsreel reporting the events surrounding Fulgencio Batista’s overthrow of Pres. Yet economic disparities grew, and most rural workers earned only about one-fourth the average per year. Although the thriving economy enriched a few Cubans, the majority experienced poverty especially in the countryside , an appalling lack of public services, and unemployment and underemployment. And for much of the s, Batista exercised absolute control over the political system.

Castro had been a legislative candidate for elections in that were aborted by Batista. Released from prison in , Castro and some friends went to Mexico to prepare for the overthrow of the Cuban government. In December the small yacht Granma landed Castro and a band of rebels in southeastern Cuba, where they were routed and almost annihilated by security forces. Meanwhile, communist groups and radical members of the Federation of University Students, a noncommunist organization, staged strikes and attacks in urban areas.

They quickly forged a following among poor peasants, urban workers, youths, and idealists.

The Muslims of Cuba

Saturday 17 August You will meet your Authentic Cuba Tours guide at the designated waiting lounge once you go through customary airport procedures. Orientation will be provided during the short bus ride from the airport to the your hotel in Vedado district. Breakfast is served at La Veranda restaurant every morning and it is complimentary. After some refreshment, we will go out to start our evening exploration of the city.

Sunday 18 August

Original mixed media on paper dating from mid century Cuba ( s). This lovely peice by Antonio Vidal is signed and measures 10 x inches. Please see pictures, ask any questions you may have. Santiago de Cuba original oil painting by Nikolai Usik 64x94cm 25×37″ $ Buy It Now. or Best Offer. Free Shipping.

For many years, this synagogue was used as a cultural center by the city. In , it was returned to the Jewish community and re-dedicated. Cuba was home to a viable Jewish community for only a brief period of time in the 20th century. In the late s, before Fidel Castro came to power, some 15, Jews lived in Cuba. Most of them had settled in Cuba during the first decades of the century; many had become comfortably middle-class, some quite prosperous.

All of that changed after , when Cuba became a Communist country. By the early s, the Jewish population of Cuba was estimated at 1, to 1,

White Latin Americans

With very many places to visit and beautiful scenery, the country has so much to offer with numerous activities that you can actively participate in and make your trip more memorable. Get ready to dance Nothing is as sweet and soothing like Cuban music and dancing. Havana is famous for live music that is played both on the street as well as in bars and clubs.

History of Carnival in Cuba. Whether they are called carnavales, charangas or parrandas, large public celebrations dating at least (in Santiago de Cuba) as far back as the 17th century are common throughout Cuba. However, among Cubans, the Carnaval of Santiago de Cuba enjoys a special status (Pérez I ).

Travel Manzanillo wakes up the interest because of the variety of its architecture, quite slovenly, in which you can find oriental motifs with Neo-Moorish cuts, cabins by the beach or an Andalucian air on its constructions. Among its most emblematic buildings out stand the City Bank of New York of Manzanillo, dating from Nowadays the industrial sector is the main economical support of the city, but there was a time, since its foundation to in which this nourished from the benefits of its illicit negotiations with pirates.

In Manzanillo was born the sound, circumstance that makes the city very special, since it its the best known international dance in Cuba. If you decide to visit Manzanillo and get lost on its Caribbean night, you will listen to this music, dark and fascinating, in every corner of the city. Neither will you avoid the sound of the street organs, which are preserved in the city from the beginning of the 20th century.

Manzanillo counts with a music group, the Manzanillo Original Orchestra, which plays traditional music and has moved the Cuban sound to countries of different continents.

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Guests are able to visit the many cultural and historic sights located in the near vicinity. The club resort is ideal for those enjoying a short break or on holiday with the family. The hotel service does credit to the customs, traditions and ways of life of eastern Cuba. Guests have access to the hotel terrace and there are a total of 61 standard double rooms and 11 single rooms on offer.

Amongst the hotel facilities count a safe, a currency exchange desk, a nightclub, a bar and a restaurant. Conference facilities are available and, on payment of additional fees, Internet access is on offer.

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Old Cars cruising Havana look great. Are they safe too? In Cuba, the law only requires front seats in vehicles to have seat belts. Note that old American cars are not fitted with rear seat belts. We do have car seats available for hire payable should you not wish to carry your own with you, please ask us for more information should you be interested.

Do Cubans expect me to tip? Tipping is becoming a more recognised part of the Cuban society and generally with the economic hardships experienced on the island, local people rely on tips to be able to purchase the basic requirements for their families. It is not uncommon for a person to work in a tourist related activity and support through tips an extended family. In some parts of Cuba, the behaviour where tipping is a pre- requisite to service generally is now evident in these changing times on the island.

Often a tip at the start can help with service during your time in a bar or restaurant or at a hotel all-inclusive bar.

Cuba’s Booming Cruise Port

Saturday 18 August You will meet your Authentic Cuba Tours guide at the designated waiting lounge once you go through customary airport procedures. Orientation will be provided during the short bus ride from the airport to the your hotel in Vedado district. Breakfast is served at La Veranda restaurant every morning and it is complimentary. After some refreshment, we will go out to start our evening exploration of the city.

The colorful capital of Cuba, Havana is a mesmerizing city with beautiful colonial edifices and a dramatic coastline. Known for its architecturally impressive plazas and outstanding series of fortifications, Old Havana, a UNESCO World Heritage site, displays Cuban culture at its finest.

It is a land of smells and special colors, where the mix of the Cuban essence gets a singular expression. That is how this rum is, since the founder masters of rum found that rum could be a light and smooth beverage. It is the work of dedicated masters of rum and workers of old rum factories in that region, who became the owners of the factories with the triumph of the Revolution. Its etymology brings out the generosity of a special micro climate for the fruit scent, typically creole, sweet and strong at the same time.

It constitutes the highest expression of Cuban Rum tradition. It is unique for its authenticity and quality scent, smoothness and taste It is produced and bottled in the region known as the cradle of light rum. In its range we can find products that have been created to celebrate special dates in the city, like for example, the Extra Aged Rum Santiago de Cuba, created in homage to the foundation of the villa of Santiago de Cuba.

It is presented in four modalities: The logo of the brand puts together the natural elements present in Santiago de Cuba:

History of Salsa Music & Dance

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Salsa Dance Salsa West African style is called salsa mbalax. The band were playing a Wolof version of the cuban classic El Carretero. The tama player launched into a high energy afrobeat dance at one point, lifting his knees into the air.

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Hassan’s path to Islam was an unexpected one. Born Froilan Reyes, he had no religious leanings while growing up. My Cuba – Regla Gonzalez Miro: Rumba Roots This all changed in during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan when he was required to work with a group of Pakistani medical students studying at the university. In , an earthquake in Pakistan-administered Kashmir killed more than 86, people and left an estimated 2. Within a week, Cuba sent more than 2, doctors and other medical specialists to help the earthquake affected areas.

The following year, it offered 1, scholarships for young people from across Pakistan. Nearly of them were placed at the university where Hassan was working. Initially, Hassan avoided them. Then he was assigned to look after the audio requirements for the students’ prayers during Ramadan, and was with them from 2pm until 2am every day. They would invite me to break fast with them, but I refused because I didn’t want to eat with them.

They were all praying and I said to myself, ‘What on earth am I doing here?

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