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Our future, our universe, and other weighty topics Friday, July 19, Blogs About the Future, Pessimistic and Optimistic There are two main groups of thinkers about the future: The pessimists emphasize problems about the environment, global warming, overpopulation, resource depletion, pollution, and environmental degradation. The optimists emphasize technological progress, and the seemingly endless capacity for man to come up with technological solutions to problems. In this blog I like to strike a balance between optimistic and pessimistic themes. But perhaps you are looking for a blog which is more unabashedly optimistic or pessimistic. Below is a guide to various blogs about the future, divided into two categories:

Wit’s End: All Lies and Jest

Or are we literally heading into the prophesied end times? Are we headed into the End of Days on planet earth? Some are going to call it End Times… some are going to call it Christian prophecy coming to fruition… and some are going to call it a really, really bad time to be alive on planet earth… But the truth cannot be hidden.

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Comments Read by 19, people Amid growing concern that the global economy is teetering on the edge of a total collapse, governments in Europe, China and the United States continue to manipulate statistics in an effort to paint a picture of recovery and a return to normalcy. But despite their best efforts to fabricate positive employment numbers, GDP growth, currency stability and stock market health, the stark reality is that the global economy is at a standstill, and has been since before the crash of Economic growth is measured by how much we produce and consume, and before the bursting of the bubble there was an unprecedented level of consumption in America and throughout the rest of the world.

But when credit markets and lending froze in response to a loss of confidence in the financial system following the collapse of investment giants Bear Stearns and Merrill Lynch, the economy as we had come to know it fell apart. Introduced in , the Baltic Dry Index first and foremost is a measure of the global shipping rates of dry bulk goods, mostly consisting of vital raw materials used in the creation of other products. However, it is also a measure of demand for said materials in comparison to previous months and years.

Alt Market In essence, the price of transporting goods collapsed — to its lowest levels ever. That old theory of supply and demand was the culprit.

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Darned if I know. The Prophets said that the Walmart trucks would stop running within days of the Blessed Event as well, and that didn’t happen either. Maybe the Prophets don’t know diddly about economics?

12 hours ago · From Judge Rinder to Natalie Dormer, the charitable stars revealed Around 38, runners will be taking to the streets of the capital this weekend – with some famous faces in the mix too.

Read by 39, people Do you think the government will be there for you in the middle of a crisis? What happens if the US dollar comes under attack from foreign creditors who choose to no longer accept it in trade? How will we as a nation import oil and food in such a scenario? What if monetary easing by the Federal Reserve causes price increases so drastic that current employee wages or nutritional assistance allotments provide only a couple of days worth of food?

Ask yourself this question: Are you prepared to take care of yourself? If you cannot answer that question with the affirmative it is time to stop just listening to alternative media and thinking of it as entertainment, but taking the advice seriously and considering if you have a plan to take care of yourself and loved ones if the situation arises.

There is a disaster coming.

How Do Pro Gamers Get Their Names

One Thread As anybody who has ever actually bothered to read my posts knows, on Y2K I’m fairly “middle of the road”–you know, the place where you find dead skunks. In general, it’s a position guaranteed to elicit the scorn of “polly” and “doomer” alike. It’s rather akin to being an agnostic–one is assured of the contempt of true believers and atheists alike.

Somarinoa’s Miscellaneous Characters. Edit. Classic editor While her guardian has fallen head over heels for her over the centuries, she has not noticed this and is currently dating a typical buzz-cut wearing, Doomer Edit. A tridactyl Diimon who can fling his sharp, poisonous nails for a long ranged and deadly attack. These nails grow.

Freeman claims now-former Rohnert Park Sgt. Brendon “Jacy” Tatum wrongly seized 47 pounds of cannabis from him during a traffic stop south of Cloverdale in December He is a social, playful little guy. His favorite toy so far is anything with feathers! Tikki is also a little cuddle bug, and we can see him snuggling up and wanting to sleep with members of his new family.

Volunteers are always needed to come play and socialize with our many kitten and cat guests. The photographer and assistant fell in love with Harley during his photo shoot. He is a delightful dog, with beautiful kohl-rimmed eyes and a sweet and calm presence.

Natalie Dormer was “pissed off” watching Game of Thrones season 7

D’accordo, allora lo faccio subito! Questa scena arriva dopo poche pagine: Muovendosi tra la calca, Kathe raggiunse un gruppo di americani. Quello che tiene il cappello in mano”. L’uomo che faceva oscillare la paglietta non solo era alto, ma largo di spalle, forte, con i capelli castano chiari striati dal sole.

Lists of print and online indexes and catalogues of historic images and maps relating to buildings in Britain, Ireland, the Channel Isles and Isle of Man, arranged by area and century.

The first measured 24 hour production from Bakken wells is a very good predictor of the future production of that well. And it has also been confirmed that new wells with higher well numbers are producing a lot less. By searching these two lists, then eliminating the duplicates that appear on both lists, we find that perhaps 70 to 80 percent of all wells report their first 24 hours of measured production. An example below, and notice the second well listed does not give any production numbers: I have collected, from this source, the data from 2, wells dating from November 1st to the present date.

Enno Peters gathered data from several thousand Bakken wells dating from the early Bakken t mid

Finding Aids for Historic Images of Buildings in the British Isles

December 7th, at Ok, so I haven’t been here for a while, so you all don’t know I am pregnant! Lost 30 pounds, took loads of medicines, prayed, etc. In fact, out of frustration, I made this handy little collage:

Natalie Dormer (Margaery Tyrell) is no longer on Game of Thrones, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t get pissed when her fictional family bites the dust.

Javier goes by the name of Knownuthing on his blog. Opinions expressed in this post are those of Javier and not necessarily those of the blog owner Ron Patterson. This post was translated from the Spanish by computer and may therefore contain some grammatical errors. The Problem of the Human Population The question of whether or not overpopulation in the world is clearly debatable.

Although efforts to limit population growth in some countries like India or China, today these efforts have been abandoned or are abandoning were made in the second half of the twentieth century, mainly due to the pace of population growth is declining alone globally. As in all matters based on the laws of nature, we can use science to analyze the problem of the human population. The science that helps us in this case is ecology, which has a specific branch of human ecology.

Anyone who thinks that we do not apply the laws of biology, is that it has lost touch with the reality of human nature. For very rational to presume to be, we are still animals and not very rational forget. How many and how fast we grow? You can see the current figure on page http: Fig 1 Growth of world population and growth rate estimates up to World Population Data Since the growth rate is declining naturally, if not intervene any new factor human population on Earth would peak slightly above the 10 billion people by according to the United Nations.

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Many of us have, for years, warned those closest to us about the over reach of government, the expansion of the surveillance state, globalization, and economic unsustainability. In the majority of instances, our diatribes, citations and impassioned arguments have likely fallen on deaf ears. That is the reality. Citing five recent headlines, SGT Report highlights how the real story can only be found in alternative media, while the mainstream simply sugarcoats it.

Was it the mainstream media that told us we were on the brink of a total collapse of our financial system? Or that the NSA was surveilling every American?

Aug 16,  · Dating back to Hubbert, a misconception has been floating around that fuel production will halt when EROEI drops to or below 1, i.e. when the energy invested in harvesting the fuel equals or exceeds the energy obtained.

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