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This story is purely fantasy and is based on the fictional life of real celebrities. The events portrayed in this series although I wish are not an accurate depiction of the star and or stars real lives. Any reposting or archiving without written permission is an infringement on the copyright of this series. So in other words You damn well better ask before you steal it. Jamie Lynn Spears Guest Starring: Hawaiian Style” The Announcer said as that very show had just concluded. The credits rolling as Summer made a mad dash to the bathroom and getting back just as the final credits ended and we went to a black screen for a long moment. Course Summer and I had some idea what we thought we were in for, but what we got was a shock to the system and to be honest, a good one too.

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Her older siblings are Bryan and Britney. She attended Parklane Academy , where she was a cheerleader and point guard of the basketball team. Spears made a cameo, playing the younger version of Britney’s character. The season followed a two-year hiatus of the series. Spears portrayed various roles through the two seasons she appeared in as well as herself.

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Spears first stepped into the national spotlight when she appeared on a Pepsi commercial alongside her famous sister and subsequently in Britney Spears: In , she made headlines for the wrong reason, when she announced she was pregnant at the age of Thus, becoming a controversial symbol of teen pregnancy. She is the youngest of their three children. Career, Net Worth With two of her older siblings into entertainment, it is certain it runs in the blood. She released her second single Sleepover on June 24, Her fortune is from the many TV series she has starred in and also from her music exploits.

In May, they moved back to Liberty, Mississippi where they purchased a house. Unfortunately, the couple called off their engagement that same month.

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With an awesome sister leading the way, it was only a matter of time. Well actually, as a matter of fact I was wondering what was taking so long. And they thought they had drama with the big daughter. Their family drama is only beginning!! Chante It is easy to be judgemental when it is not your child.

May 02,  · There’s love in Kentwood as Britney Spears is currently en route to join sister Jamie Lynn Spears for her Jamie Lynn’s baby shower. Britney will join at the baby shower mom Lynne Spears and Jamie Lynn reportedly to occur this weekend at Lynne’s home on Saturday.

A photo posted by Jamie Lynn Spears jamielynnspears on Jun 10, at 8: In the papers, obtained by People magazine, Tangipahoa Parish Sheriff Daniel Edwards revealed that the accident happened before 3 p. In contrast to initial reports that Jamie Lynn had not been present, the accident reportedly happened right in front of her and her husband Jamie Watson.

The report states Maddie was trying to steer away from a drainage ditch before the accident. The ATV and child were instantly submerged in the water right before their eyes. Within two minutes, Acadian Ambulance Services arrived and assisted in freeing the child from the cold waters. We ask that you respect their privacy during this time of need. TMZ reports Maddie is currently in critical, but stable, condition.

Over a year ago, Jamie posted a seventh-birthday video of Maddie being surprised with an ATV that matches the one in which she had her accident. A video posted by Jamie Lynn Spears jamielynnspears on Jun 19, at 3: The family said this morning she is responding well, which is good news.

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This 67 years old man is professionally an actor established in the American film and television industry. Mostly, he is remembered by his fans because of his appreciable work across NYPD Blue for all the 12 seasons of the popular series by portraying as Det. This also led him to win the award in the year as Emmy Award.

Now, a close family member has revealed exclusively that the Spears family is in an uproar and Jamie Lynn is being pressured to abort the anonymous public denials of Jamie Lynn’s pregnancy, says the family member, are simply buying the Spears family time until they decide what to do.“Jamie Lynn’s mom is furious about the.

April 4, Height: The younger sister of recording artist Britney Spears , she is known for her role as Zoey Brooks on the Nickelodeon teen sitcom Zoey , on which she starred from to She has two siblings, Bryan and Britney Spears. She attended Parklane Academy, where she was a cheerleader and point guard of the basketball team.

In February , Spears made her acting debut in the Paramount Pictures drama film Crossroads which starred her sister. Spears made a cameo, playing the younger version of Britney’s character. Following Crossroads, Nickelodeon cast Spears as a regular performer in the eighth season of the sketch comedy series All That. Spears portrayed various roles through the two seasons she appeared in as well as herself. Spears’s performance received positive reviews from critics with many complimenting her comedic timing and being a highlight of the show.

Spears did not return for the series’ tenth and final season to pursue other roles on the network. In , Spears signed to star in her own Nickelodeon series, Zoey Spears recorded the series theme song, “Follow Me”, which was written by Britney Spears. The series became the network’s highest rated series premiere in over eight years.

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Jamie lynn spears having sex video. Jamie Lynn Spears watched her daughter flip into pond. Video Spears recorded the series theme song, titled “Follow Me”, which was written by her sister Britney Spears. The series went on to be titled Zoey and Spears portrayed the role of Zoey Brooks. After two years of off and on dating, they announced their engagement in March The film is the third and final installment of the Unstable Fables trilogy.

About Jamie Lynn About Jamie Im dating Casey Aldridge..I have 1 daughter named Maddie Briann (Jun 19,) My moms name is Lynne Irene Bridges My dads name is Jamie Parnel Spears and my sister name is Britney Jean Spears My brothers name is Bryan Spears.

Given Spears’ status as a minor, what does that mean for longtime boyfriend Casey Aldridge, whom Spears reportedly met while attending church services? Depending on a number of factors, it could mean jail time for Aldridge — who, depending on the source, is either 17, 18, or 19 — but only if Spears’ family decides to press charges, which, judging by the public statements made by press time, appears unlikely.

Many reports — including that of OK! Ultimately, the first question for investigators would be the “venue,” or the state in which the baby was conceived. Without that information, no criminal proceedings can be initiated. According to the penal codes of the three states where Aldridge and Spears, who turned 16 in April, were most likely to have conceived the child — California, where “Zoey ” is taped; Louisiana, where Spears lives when the show is between seasons, and where she has said she intends to raise her child; and Mississippi, where Aldridge resides — Aldridge’s paternity could potentially give rise to criminal charges.

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Life and career — Her maternal grandmother, Lillian Portell, was English born in London , and one of Spears’s maternal great-great-grandfathers was Maltese. Spears made her local stage debut at age five, singing ” What Child Is This?

A snap of Jamie Lynn Spears’ year-old wielding a firearm surfaced earlier this week, and the backlash was every bit of scathing as you anticipated it would be. “Getting her ready for dove season,” the Zoey alum’s husband Jamie Watson captioned the inflammatory Instagram of Spears’ baby girl, Maddie Briann Aldridge, whose father is the actress’ ex-boyfriend Casey Aldridge, hoisting a shotgun in an .

Carrie Underwood Biography Jamie Lynn Spears grew up in the spotlight, and was already a star with a slightly checkered past at the ripe old age of 22 when she launched a new career as a country singer. While Britney was scoring a record deal and becoming a major star in the late ’90s, Jamie Lynn was attending a private Christian school, where she was a cheerleader and played on the basketball team. Jamie Lynn showed a knack for acting, and that same year she became a regular on the children’s TV comedy series All That.

Nickelodeon, the cable network that aired All That, was impressed enough with Spears that they cast her in the lead of her own series, Zoey , in which she played Zoey Brooks, one of the first female students at a traditionally all-boys private school. Debuting in early , with young Spears singing the theme song, Zoey was a success in the ratings, and ran for four seasons and 65 episodes. However, in December , shortly after Spears finished taping the final episodes of Zoey , she made a startling announcement: Spears and Aldridge made plans to marry, and she gave birth to a daughter, Maddie Briann Aldridge, in June However, the on-and-off relationship between Spears and Aldridge finally came to an end in , and she relocated to Nashville, Tennessee, with an eye toward becoming a country music artist.

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We simply loved her acting skills as Zoey. Fast forward to 13 years later today, she is a successful actress, singer and song-writer and a mother to be for the second time! It seems like Christmas came early for Jamie and her husband. Jamie Lynn Spears and Jamie Watson husband of 3 years are soon to welcome their first child together.

Dec 18,  · A source tells us the interview, which hits stands tomorrow, is six pages and is on the record with Jamie Lynn and her mother. She tells the mag that the father is Casey Aldridge, who she has been dating for some time and first met at church.

Live reviews Jamie Lynn Spears Despite the fact that Jamie Lynn Spears is often compared to her older sister and criticised for the controversy surrounding her teenage pregnancy in , she is, in fact, an incredibly talented musician. Her cheerful disposition, positivity, and message of redemption and forgiveness is a huge inspiration to young girls all around the world. Her voice not only spreads a message of love and acceptance, but she also sounds absolutely great doing it. Seeing her sing at Jugfest in Visalia earlier this year was both somewhat a surprise, and also an inspiration.

After recently relaunching her career, I personally wasn’t sure when we’d be hearing of her next, but it came as a nice shock to watch her walk out onto that stage and perform some of the hits, such as ‘How Could I Want More’, from her most recent EP, ‘The Journey. Jamie is a truly magnetic performer – she’s talented, she’s gorgeous, she’s charismatic, and although she has quite a legacy to follow in her sister’s footsteps, there’s a lot she still has yet to showcase.

Jamie Lynn Spears Gets New Man Old Enough To Be Her Baby’s Grandpa

They fight, they spend holidays together, and they help each other through the trying times like public breakdowns and teenage pregnancy, for example. Their recent reunions prove Britney and Jamie Lynn are still sister goals, even as they raise their own separate families. Britney brought sons Sean Preston and Jayden James, and older brother Bryan made an appearance with his daughter Sophia.

Now, at age 26, she recently welcomed her second daughter, Ivey Joan.

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Last week of course, the National Enquirer reported that year-old Jamie Lynn Spears is pregnant for the second time, just three months after giving birth the first time. And let me add you’d also know that there is diff parts of Jamaica, could you only afford to visit the poor part? Denials were issued across the board, but NE is sticking by their original story, and now says it has confirmed the news with a source inside the family.

Jamie Foxx astounded all with his “eye-robics” rotating his eyeballs in different directions and took home a Blimp in a brand-new category emceed by Justin Timberlake this year: Just face it, your white american actors are utter shite. Now, a close family member has revealed exclusively that the Spears family is in an uproar and Jamie Lynn is being pressured to abort the baby. In a show highlight, The Wannabe Award, an annual honor bestowed on a celebrity role model who kids most “want to be,” was presented to Queen Latifah by Halle Berry.

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All grown up now? As noted in this morning’s Mix , the year-old sibling-in-waiting to Britney aka Trainwreck of the Year managed with two little words to shift the spotlight away from her sister’s hairball of a life in L. Instead, the minor announced her news from the bright, busy cover of OK Magazine.

Britney and Jamie-Lynn’s early childhoods were far from stable and wholesome. Their parents’ relationship was toxic, erupting into several loud fights. The year before Britney was born, Lynn filed for divorce from Jamie. Her reason for filing for divorce: Jamie had cheated on Lynn.

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Jamie Lynn Spears’ Daughter Maddie Out of the Hospital and Headed Home