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Awesome customer service from the company and extremely high quality gloves that last. If you are serious about baseball or softball then it’s time you stepped up to the quality gloves Akadema makes. Other glove manufacturers make decent gloves too, but tend to flood the market with so many models that it’s hard to tell which ones are good and which are entry level models with a low price tag that are just there to entice you to buy that product. Wilson, Rawlings and Mizuno expect to sell , gloves this year and don’t really care if you are satisfied with the glove. Akadema is happy to sell a fraction of that and want you to be completely satisfied with their product. All of their baseball and softball products are head and shoulders above the rest.

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This antique football sweater was made by Spalding and dates to the era of through An impressive piece in all regards, it is of the highest quality and a large size for the era. The applique on the chest features the lettering ND which could represent Notre Dame but we have no provenance for this piece. This is a superb antique football jersey that is worthy of any vintage football collection!

View this vintage baseball tintype and other baseball memorabilia by clicking the image above! This unusual laced basketball features extruded seams and remains in exceptional condition.

Vintage baseball gloves art wall-love this for a baseball room. cute for a gift to a coach of any sport Advertising like this is a great way of dating vintage baseball memorabilia. Find this Pin and more on Vintage Baseball Gloves by Jim Galligan.

Power Glove — an alternate controller for use with the Nintendo Entertainment System Wheelchair gloves — for users of manual Wheelchairs Main article: Evening glove Western lady’s gloves for formal and semi-formal wear come in three lengths: Satin and stretch satin are popular and mass-produced. Some women wear gloves as part of “dressy” outfits, such as for church and weddings.

In Japan , white gloves are worn frequently. Work-oriented white gloves are worn for activities such as gardening and cleanup; “dress” white gloves are worn by professionals who want a clean public appearance, such as taxi drivers, police, politicians and elevator operators.

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When was the Rawlings baseball glove invented? The first recorded instance of any player using a baseball glove dates to the season of , when Cincinnati Red Stockings catcher Doug Allison first experimented with the idea by having a glove made for him by a local saddle maker. At that time, however…, it was considered “unmanly” for players to seek protection for one’s hands and the use of a glove was considered a sign of weakness.. In Charles Waite of the St. Louis Brown Stockings became the first fielder to wear a fingerless glove.

This is a nice, original vintage unusual left-handed Catchers Mitt, age unknown. Appears similar to Spalding Gloves from the ‘s. Item measures roughly 10″ in diameter.

Offered here are four different 19th century baseball tintype images. They are all in very nice condition and present well but they look much better in person! The baseball pitcher shown in the bottom left holding the baseball has been color tinted on the cap, socks and cheeks. All of the poses are full body and look awesome. Some of the highlights are the vintage bats, the baseball, the early bib-front baseball jersey and the early striped baseball cap.

Very high quality images in all regards they are a staple for the 19th century baseball collector! Mantle is one of the greatest baseball players to ever play the game. A 17 time All Star in 18 seasons, 3 MVP Awards, member of the home run club, played in 12 different World Series Championships were he holds countless records, the list goes on and on. They were produced depicting many different subjects.

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The last Alex Rodriguez baseball cards from his playing career will carry a date. Age catches up to all athletes, and at 41, the man who was once the brightest star in the big leagues is no exception. His statistics are mind-numbing, but are tempered with the knowledge that he admitted to using performance-enhancing drugs during parts of his career. However, in the ninth inning he was called upon to pinch-hit, and the reaction was intense.

The noise was deafening — mostly boos, and from fans of both teams. As Rodriguez has done so many times in his career, he ignored the noise.

Vintage Baseball Glove Dating Guide I chose this because of how much a baseball glove has changed. Visit First basemen’s mitt. Vintage Baseball Gloves – Antique Baseball Gloves Find this Pin and more on s sports by Jonathan Lang.

The Cincinnati Red Stockings became the first professional team in However, their life was brief and the team went bankrupt within a year of its founding. In the National Association of Professional Baseball Players was formed and at its peak, consisted of thirteen teams. Unfortunately it too was plagued by financial difficulties and was abandoned in In the rival American League was founded and the era of modern professional baseball was begun.

In these early days of baseball, players were expected to take the field without benefit of protective equipment such as a baseball glove or catcher’s mask. The pain of the sport was to be endured without complaint. Any effort to mollify the rigors of the game was looked upon as a sissified attempt to demean the sport. Spalding began playing baseball in the s.

Spalding was the premier pitcher of his day until the physical strain of continuous pitching took its toll and ruined his throwing arm. He founded a sporting goods company initially specializing in baseball equipment and soon branching out to supplying equipment for all types of sports. He never lost touch with baseball and served as president of the Chicago team and one of baseball’s most successful promoters. He was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in its first year.

In , Spalding wrote of his experiences in early baseball and describes his first introduction to the baseball glove:

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If this item contains incorrect or inappropriate information please contact us here to flag it for review. No ink or tears to this glove, leather piping is weatd yet all intact. This model features an adjustable button back wrist strap, very unique copper eyelets I’ve never seen before , Deep Well pocket, hinged pad heel, and very solid label and emblems for its age.

The only PMM Stan Musial Playmaker model I’ve seen and restored, this glove is nearly flawless thanks to the previous owner taking great care! A great addition to your collection St. Louis Cardinal and MLB fans!

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They have been found in the tombs of Royalty and Bishops, and are also pictured in early manuscripts dating back to the 10th century. Kybalova, et al , state that sack shaped coverings without fingers dating back to the 21st Dynasty were found in the Egyptian Pyramids p. In , archeologists discovered in the tomb of Tutankhamen remains of gloves decorated with a plaited, scale-motif design Boucher, n.

For many centuries fashion gloves had formed part of the costume worn by royalty, bishops, and higher ranking men and women, and by the fourteenth century they were worn by members of all classes. In the past, like present day, gloves were worn to protect the hands and as a fashion accessory, but what makes them so special is that they have a long history of being associated with numerous customs, practices, rituals and symbolisms.

A study of gloves is actually a study of human conduct. From a symbolic interactionist perspective, individuals respond toward objects, in this case gloves, on the basis of the meanings that these objects hold for them and the meanings are derived through social interaction. When we refer to social interaction, we refer to the mutual orientation and shaping of conduct that leads to a joint action that is mutually recognized and to which are attached certain patterns of behavior.

There are certain procedures and actions that people undertake in order to secure their ends, meet their needs, or pursue their goals Blumer, , p. This article does not purport to be an in-depth study of gloves. Its purpose is to lift the veil on some interesting aspects of gloves drawn mainly from secondary sources and interpreted by the writer through a process of cross-referencing data from different historical sources.

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Alex and Sherri Groff of Oaklyn, N. The clubs play baseball according to rules of the game as it was played in Eight years ago, he said, there were only three teams in that area.

Vintage Baseball Glove Dating Guide – Gloves & Mitts Although you will find an occasional split finger being made early in the decade, for the most part gloves are being made with laced fingers.

Posted by VetCollector With a few of my earlier posts, I have covered some of the professional ball players who temporarily traded their professional flannels in exchange for a uniform of the armed forces. While some of these men filled the ranks both in combat and support units, others used their professional skills to provide the troops with a temporary escape from the harsh realities of the war by providing them with a taste of home that can be found within the lines of the baseball diamond.

There were more than major league ball players who served in the armed forces throughout the more than four years of the war including the last few weeks of December, when many players like Bob Feller rushed to enlist. Conversely, there were roughly 2, men who continued to play major league baseball during the same period, avoiding service for a myriad of reasons age, unfit for duty, etc. I have focused this blog on two over-arching subjects; baseball militaria — items used on the diamond or in relation to it by servicemen who may or may not have played the game professionally; the people who played the game during their time in uniform.

Before I delve into the subject matter of this article, I must first offer a disclaimer that I am decidedly not a baseball glove collector nor do I possess any measure of expertise on this very interesting area of baseball collecting. With this being the Chevrons and Diamonds blog where I provide research and insight pertaining to baseball militaria, my interest is more broad. As I researched this topic, I realize that expertise in military gloves and mitts are significantly more specialized and as with other areas of military baseball, is limited at least that is my assertion as compared to baseball gloves outside of what was used during the war.

As a Navy veteran, I tend to focus my collecting interest around naval-themed items and within the realm of military baseball, I remain consistent. Before making the purchase, I took note that the glove was also missing the web between the thumb and index finger and that there were fragments of the leather lacing remaining protruding from a few of the heavily-oxidized eyelets.

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But I’ll give it a go and the experts can correct me if I’m way off. I’m pretty sure I don’t have enough bat speed to duplicate the sort of marks someone like the Babe would have caused. More modern marks maybe.

Below is a guide to help date your vintage baseball glove. Gloves can be dated by the model numbers, trademarks & logos, or and by the style of the web. Web styles may have continued to be made after the dates stated but in general the web can be dated to that era.

His photo is at lower left. Pinky Woods is shown early in his baseball career. I get so excited when they have great teams like they do this year. She recalls being escorted onto the field at Fenway Park by her mother as a youngster to stand on the mound where her father had pitched. She said she was dating a Red Sox player at the time — one she now prefers not to identify.

He was designated 4-F unfit for military service because of a previous leg injury but was fit for baseball competition and signed with the Red Sox in But Woods may have been best known for his unusual nickname, which remains the subject of inquiries, Sarty said.

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Roughly 40 grown men, scattered across the expanse of green grass, were playing a game of baseball, but they neither looked nor played like their modern counterparts. They were all wearing old-fashioned uniforms, with their stockings stretched up to their knees. They wore no batting helmets as they stepped up to the plate, and they used slender wooden bats. They bore no gloves to field the vintage-style ball.

Advertisement As for the men themselves?

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Brian, a history teacher at North Andover High, has been on a diamond since he was 6. Advertisement Brian started suiting up in , while he was still in college. Get Fast Forward in your inbox: A look at the news and events shaping the day ahead, delivered every weekday. Sign Up Thank you for signing up! Rockinghams, and the Lynn Live Oaks. Matches can be found locally on many summer weekends.

The Derbys have prevailed in eight of the last nine matchups against their rival, including a walk-off win last summer.. Ray Shaw was drawn to the simplicity and spirit after seeing his first vintage game more than a decade ago.

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